The Confession is a captivating story of a young Amish woman who is caught in the middle of secrets and scandal, love lost and love found, and personal heartache and healing.

With the laughter that ensues when a New York actress tries to play a “Plain” woman and the emotion that is inevitable when lies are uncovered and truth is revealed, audiences will enjoy a roller coaster of highs and lows. Mix that with soaring melodies, inspiring lyrics, and glorious orchestrations and the time will fly by.

“It’s a brilliant love story and a keep-you-at-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery all wrapped into one. Men and women alike will be anxious to find out what happens,” says premiere director, Wally Nason. And show producer Dan Posthuma adds, “Beverly Lewis is a remarkable storyteller.  She has given us a rich plot, with compelling characters that courageously confront their past, their future, and their faith.  And the music!   You’ll have a hard time deciding which tune to hum on the way home.”

The music for The Confession has been written and produced in Nashville, TN where the best of the best gather to collaborate on projects…hence the name, Music City. And the script has been written by veteran writer, Martha Bolton who is best known for her work with Bob Hope, Mark Lowry, and Chonda Pierce. Of course, Beverly Lewis, who USA Today hails as the ‘queen of the genre’ when it comes to Amish love stories, is the one who wrote the book that the musical is based on (actually, the story comes from the trilogy of The Shunning, The Confession, and The Reckoning). What a team! What a show!

Come see what happens when the plain life, the not-so-plain life, and the down right extravagant life all meet together in the new musical, The Confession.

THE CONFESSION Musical – Synopsis by Jim France

A synopsis of the musical “The Confession”. Adapted by Wally Nason from the novel by Beverly Lewis, with music by Wally Nason and script by Martha Bolton.

The characters in order of appearance:


Mary Stoltzfus (Amish Girl)…………………..…………..Katie Lapp’s best friend
Katie Lapp (Katherine Mayfield)…….…..…………….an Amish girl
Daniel Fisher………………………..………………………Katie’s Amish fiancé
Rebecca Lapp……………….……..………………………Katie’s Amish Mother
Samuel Lapp……………………….………….……………Katie’s Amish Father
Laura Mayfield………………………………….…………Katie’s birth Mother
Fulton Taylor……………………………………..……….Laura’s butler
Rosie Taylor………………………………………..………Laura’s Maid
Dylan Bennett……………………………………………..Laura’s Husband
Alyson Cairns………………………………………………an Actress

The prologue

Mary sets the scene describing the Amish community of Hickory Hollow and states that all communities have secrets but once one is put in place, others seem to build on it.

In the attic of the Lapp family home, Katie and Daniel are playing forbidden guitar music, particularly a song they have written together.  (Samuel Lapp spots them but does nothing.) They discuss how this non-Amish behavior could get them shunned from the community.  Daniel is tired of all the rules and regulations and feels that his music is part of who he is, even if forbidden. He wants to go out on the water to fish, the only place he really feels at peace. Mary interrupts them but promises to keep their meeting and music a secret. Katie agrees to hide Daniel’s guitar in the attic. Mary reminds them there is a barn-raising and it is time to attend.

 Prologue, Scene 2

The barn raising….opening production number (the Amish way of life is often called “the plain life”, just as non-Amish life is known as “the English life.)

Song and dance: (The cast) “There’s something about a life that’s plain.”

 Prologue, Scene 3

Samuel tells Rebecca of Katie’s conduct and “sneaking around behind our backs.” Samuel says he will talk to Katie about her “forbidden music.”

 Prologue, Scene 4

Rebecca informs Katie that Daniel’s boat has been found capsized in the water and that Daniel has drowned in the storm.


Prologue, Scene 5

Mary identifies the increase in secrecy and the way it will change the lives of all concerned.

 ACT 1, Scene 1

The opening scene introduces Laura Mayfield, Fulton Taylor and his wife Rosie Taylor. They have just returned from Laura’s lawyer’s office where she has changed her will. We find out Laura is gravely ill and dying. We learn that Dylan Bennett (Laura’s husband) and Laura Mayfield have no children because Dylan arranged to take measures to avoid that possibility but in fact, lied to Laura about his intentions in that vein. We also learn that Laura had a daughter as a young woman and gave her up for adoption to an Amish family in Hickory Hollow. Rosie feels that the letter Laura wrote to Hickory Hollow will bring some news of her real daughter.

As Rosie exits, leaving Laura to take a nap, Dylan enters while Laura sleeps and finds that he has been disinherited. He calls a talent agency to find a girl who will pose as Laura’s real daughter so Dylan may usurp Laura’s fortune at her death.  

ACT 1, Scene 2

Katie is in the Lapp family attic and finds a baby’s dress with the name “Katherine Mayfield” embroidered thereon. Rebecca appears and is accused of keeping secrets and the truth about her adoption from her.  Katie realizes she is in fact Katherine Mayfield.

 Samuel enters and learns what Katie has discovered.  He tells her that if she goes off in search of her birth Mother, that she will be in rebellion and will be shunned.

Song: (Katie) “I’m Lost.”

 ACT 1, Scene 3

Discussion between Laura and Rosie as to how Laura’s journals may end up as being the only way her real daughter will ever get to know her.

ACT 1, Scene 4

Mary and Katie in Katie’s bedroom on the Amish farm have a conversation about where Katie will stay during her search. Rebecca enters and says that she loves Katie and cannot bear to lose her. Says she received a letter some time ago from Katie’s birth Mother but destroyed it. She remembers however that her birth Mother is dying of MS, that she thinks her name is Laura Mayfield and that she lives in New York or Canada. Katie says she wants to be called Katherine from now on and leaves on her quest.

ACT 1, Scene 5

Dylan Bennett meets Alyson who is the actress sent by the agency. She is flashy, overdone and obviously not close to being Amish. He identifies the role she will play, namely Laura Mayfield’s real daughter.  Comedic scene about Amish dress.

Song: (Dylan and Alyson) “How hard could it be?”

 ACT 1, Scene 5.5

Samuel reveals he has identified Katie’s rebellious conduct to the Bishop.

ACT 1, Scene 6

The Shunning of Katie Lapp/Katherine Mayfield.

 ACT 1, Scene 7

Laura and Rosie discuss the need for a miracle in order to find her real daughter, since Laura is fading fast. Rosie prays.

Song: (Rosie) “Children of the Heavenly Father.”

 ACT 1, Scene 8

Comedic scene on the telephone between Katie and Directory Assistance where she discovers Laura lives in Canandaigua in upstate New York. Conversation follows with Dylan Bennett where she identifies herself as Laura’s daughter. Dylan tells her in no uncertain terms that Laura is infertile and therefore she cannot be her daughter.

 ACT 1, Scene 9

The beginning of the nervous breakdown of Rebecca at the loss of her adopted daughter, Katie Lapp.

Song: (Trio – Rebecca, Katie and Laura) “Where You Are.”

ACT 1, Scene 10

Introduction of Alyson to Laura as her real daughter.  Comedic scene; since Alyson is obviously worldly and more a model and actress than Katie could ever be. Much “English life” technology is referred to (none used by the Amish). Fulton and Rosie also meet her and welcome her “home.”

ACT 1, Scene11

Rebecca’s lapse into semi-madness believing the doll she holds in her arms is Katie.

 ACT 1, Scene12

Arrival of Katie, who is now known as Katherine, at Laura’s mansion. Fulton welcomes her thinking she is the new maid. Rosie sweeps her in as the new hired help. Fulton is lost! Comedic scene.

ACT 1, Scene13

Comedic scene between Mary and Daniel. Mary thinks she sees a ghost when in reality, Daniel is still alive, sings of his love for Katie, and vows to find her – no matter what!

Song (Daniel): “I Will Love You.”

ACT 1, Scene14

Dinner in Laura Bennett’s Dining Room. Comedic Scene with everyone making an erroneous statement of some sort and then desperately trying to correct the error. 

First Act closer.

Song: (Rosie, Katherine, Alyson, Laura, Dylan and Fulton) “Let me explain!”

ACT 2, Scene 1

 Laura and Alyson discuss the guitar music they hear. Rosie explains it is the new maid. She is playing her boyfriend’s song, who was drowned in a storm. Alyson starts to tell Laura that she is not the good person Laura thinks she is. Laura interrupts her and starts to tell her of her very best friend in the whole world. Alyson is surprised since she thinks it is her evil husband, Dylan. Laura explains:  “This friend is the most amazing friend I have ever known. I have so much to tell you about Him. And especially the fact that He loved me so much, He sacrificed His very life for me…..”

ACT 2, Scene 2

Rebecca persuades Samuel to do something about finding Katherine.

ACT 2, Scene 3

Laura finishes explaining her best friend to Alyson. As Alyson says she wishes she could meet him some day, Laura falls asleep.

Song Reprise (Alyson): “I’m Lost!”

Alyson reads the story of the lost sheep; when one is lost the owner leaves the 99 others and goes to find it. Upon finding it, he rejoices with his friends.

Alyson then calls Dylan on his cell phone and quits.

ACT 2, Scene 4

Mary explains in song, her confusion about contacting Katherine – which is forbidden since Katherine has been shunned.

Song; (Mary) “What a mess!” 

ACT 2, Scene 5

Comedic song where Fulton and Rosie explain that Dylan and Alyson have fled due to the failure of their fraudulent enterprise. Second set of the song explains that Rosie and Fulton know that Katherine is the real daughter.

Song: (Fulton and Rosie) “She’s the One!”

ACT 2, Scene 6

Katherine and Laura’s conversation about how Laura gave away her daughter as a young woman and her search for her. Katherine tells Laura of Daniel’s death in a storm and of the embroidered dress she has. Katherine agrees to take a look at it. Katherine exits.

Fulton and Rosie enter to tell Laura of the departure of Dylan and Alyson. Laura realizes that her real daughter must still be out there and that there is so little time to find her. Fulton and Rosie promise (tongue in cheek since they know of her) to find the real daughter.

ACT 2, Scene 7

Comedic  scene. Daniel arrives to ask about Katie Lapp and is met by Fulton. Fulton believes he is asking for Katie Lapp (Alyson). Scene is conducted throughout at cross purposes. Daniel exits. Rosie enters asking who he was. Fulton explains that he was looking for Katie Lapp and that Daniel says Katie believes he drowned in a storm. Rosie erupts….

Song: (Fulton and Rosie) “He’s the One!”

ACT 2, Scene 8

Fulton, Rosie, Laura and Katherine sort out who Katherine really is. Fulton and Rosie are overjoyed and exit.

Song: (Laura and Katherine) “So Nice To Finally Meet You!”

At the end of the song, Fulton enters with a letter from Mary explaining to Katherine that Daniel is still alive.

ACT 2, Scene 9

Samuel has been successful in getting the shunning lifted.

ACT 2, Scene 10

Katherine finishes telling Laura her story. Katherine realizes that Daniel has been trying to find himself and faked his death to avoid the shunning of him and his family. Laura explains the journal she has kept and that everything she has will be Katherine’s when Laura dies.

Laura falls asleep and dies.

Song a cappella: (Fulton, Rosie and Katherine): “Rest in Peace.”

ACT 2, Scene 11

Daniel reads the newspaper and learns of Laura’s death and that Katherine has inherited everything. Realizes that Katherine must be “his Katie.”

 ACT 2, Scene 12

Katherine writes to her Amish Mother asking to see her and her Amish Father. She is concerned that due to the shunning, she won’t read it. Rosie says it is worth a try.

 ACT 2, Scene 13

Comedic scene. Daniel comes to the door and is met by Fulton. Fulton realizes who he is. Slams door in his face and calls for Katherine to come downstairs. Daniel keeps banging on the door. Fulton drags him in and gets Katherine and Daniel back together.

 ACT 2, Scene 14

Samuel and Rebecca receive invitation to Daniel and Katherine’s wedding. They celebrate the good news.

 ACT 2, Scene 15

Full stage wedding. Reconciliation of the Lapps and Katherine.

Song (Daniel and Katherine with background cast): “My Heart Has Found a Home.”

Last set is full cast.